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What kind of bleach is used in Bravo® Liquid Detergent with Color-Safe Bleach Alternative? Does it contain chlorine bleach?

Bravo® Liquid Detergent with Color-Safe Bleach Alternative contains a bleach alternative that is milder than either chlorine bleaching agents or oxygen bleaching agents. Our Bleach Alternative formula can be used safely on all washable colors and fabric types. It is designed to keep bright items bright and vivid and white clothes as white as they can be. Before use, please read your garment care label for proper laundering instructions. If in doubt test your garment’s colorfastness before laundering.

Are Bravo® Laundry Detergent products biodegradable? Are the products safe for septic systems?

The cleaning agents in the Bravo® Liquid Laundry Detergents are biodegradable. The detergent is safe for septic systems.

Where can I buy Bravo® Laundry products?

These products are available at most food, mass and drug stores.

Are Bravo® Laundry Detergent products safe for use in my front loading washing machine?

If Bravo is used at the recommended dosage, you may be able to use it in a front loading machine, but we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your washer.

Are Bravo® Laundry Detergent products all-temperature formulas?

Yes, this product is designed to work in all temperatures. For best results we recommend consulting your garment care instructions.